Medical CNC Components For Rochester, MN

Get Professionally Manufactured Precision Medical Parts and Equipment from Owens IndustriesMayo Clinic Rochester

Rochester, Minnesota is a city best known for containing the Mayo Clinic, which is one of the most prestigious medical research hospitals in the United States today. The Mayo Clinic houses some of the most world-renowned doctors, researchers and physicians finding cures for the worst diseases in the world. They also help develop the latest in medical technology and surgical equipment. 

The CNC specialists at Owens Industries understand these precise medical tools need to be manufactured to exact specifications and with the tightest tolerances. Our team specializes in machining parts for the medical industry, and health care companies like the Mayo Clinic in Rochester can benefit from utilizing Owens Industries’ specialized services.

Improve Patient Care with the Most Precise Medical Components

Owens Industries excels at manufacturing the most precise medical tools for healthcare facilities all over the United States. We use techniques such as 5-axis milling, micromachining, and Swiss machining to manufacture a wide range of medical equipment, including:

When you need the most precise medical components manufactured with the tightest tolerances, call the experts at Owens Industries today to get a quote on our services.

Contact the medical part manufacturers at Owens Industries today to get a quote.
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