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The Medical Industry in Princeton, NJ Trusts Owens IndustriesCNC Machining for Princeton, NJ Businesses

Princeton, NJ is home to many medical and pharmaceutical businesses, including Neuland Laboratories, SunGen Pharma, Eleison Pharmaceuticals, and much more. The state of New Jersey has multiple nationally ranked hospitals, and medical equipment suppliers must provide the absolute best, most reliable products to end users. Many medical devices, machines, and surgical instruments require high quality machined components to properly function.

When precision it of the utmost importance to accommodate the high safety demands in the medical industry, choose Owens. Collimators for CT scanners, MRI table components, every part of a Lasik Surgery Device (excluding the motor), and much more have been expertly machined by our staff. Our CNC machinists and programmers have extensive experience designing custom components for every aspect of the medical industry. We can manufacture custom prototypes or handle regular productions of critical components. We strive to improve the quality of life for patients throughout the country with the highest precision machining services in the U.S.

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Custom Machined Components for the New Jersey Medical Industry

Owens Industries is America’s trusted supplier of medical components critical to surgical instruments, medical devices, and machines. Whether we’re engineering a Ventricle Assist Device (VAD) or a Lasik surgery blade, we ensure the highest tolerance and precision possible. Owens Industries is committed to improving the quality of life for patients and medical staff throughout the industry.

Owens Industries is the right choice for CNC machining of medical parts including:

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