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Pittsburgh, PA has been known as one of the biggest industrial steel manufacturing cities in the United States, but today many more industries have now entered the city and bolstered the local economy, making Pittsburgh into a thriving metropolis. Everything from manufacturing to agriculture, Pittsburgh remains one of the biggest cities in the United States for businesses to go.

If your Pittsburgh company is in need of precision-manufactured CNC parts, Owens Industries is the place to go. We offer specialized CNC machining and 5-axis milling services for businesses just like yours, and you can contact us today to get an estimate on our services.

Manufacturing Components for Pittsburgh Industries

Manufacturing is a staple of the Pittsburgh economy, and Owens Industries provides the best custom-fabricated components for the tool & die industry. Some of the machined components we build at our Wisconsin machine shop include:

Since 1944, Owens Industries has manufactured ultra-high precision components with incredible tolerances for businesses all over the United States, and we’re here to help build components for your Pittsburgh business. No matter what you need, Owens will make it for you – we serve a wide variety of industries throughout Pennsylvania, and our staff is dedicated to quality and craftsmanship in everything we do.

Call the CNC machinists Pittsburgh trusts at Owens Industries today to get an estimate on our services
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