Professional CNC Machining Services In Oak Creek, WI

Precision Machining for Your Wisconsin BusinessCNC Machine Shop Oak Creek

Owens Industries is located in Oak Creek, WI, and our facility has been specially designed and constructed for ultra-high-end machining processes with special temperature and dust control systems. Our Wire EDM department has a positive pressure airflow system to maintain the room's temperature within +/- 0.5 degrees during critical machining processes. Dust and particulates are also controlled using special Electrostatic & Ion Filtration systems. Our facility is immaculately maintained to facilitate the skillful work of our employees.

We have a highly skilled team of people and industry-leading machines giving us, and your company, an upper hand in the production of all components. Our machinists are teamed up with the best of German and Swiss companies to develop specially calibrated 5 Axis Machining Centers and 5 Axis Wire EDM for your unique needs.

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5-Axis Machining for Wisconsin Businesses 

Understanding the full capabilities for 5-axis machining is the difference between an ordinary component and an extraordinary one. CNC machinists trained to use CNC machines may not have the knowledge or expertise to get the most from 5-axis technology, but Owens Industries is different. We have an arsenal of the best 5-axis machinery on the market produced by the best brands, and are always operated by expert machinists who know how to utilize 5-axis technology for your particular components.

Owens uses the best CNC machines manufactured by AGIE, Hermle, DMG, Okuma, and more. We have consistently delivered remarkable results using our 5-axis machining services for multiple industries all over the state of Wisconsin. 



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