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With a population of nearly 150,000 people, Naperville is one of the biggest cities in Illinois, providing over 70,000 jobs to employees from all over the state. Industries such as healthcare, science & technology, and manufacturing have helped make Naperville a thriving economy. With huge corporations like Edward Health Services, Nokia, Nicor Gas, and BP based in Naperville, this city continues to expand and grow with new business and innovation.

If your Naperville business needs manufactured CNC precision parts made to your exact specifications, Owens Industries is the only way to go. No matter if you work in the aerospace industry, the medical industry or you’re in the military, our precision parts will always be guaranteed to meet your exact specifications.

5-Axis Machining Services for Your Specific Project

Owens’ advanced 5-axis machining technology offers the best precision and tighter tolerances for machined components. No matter what industry you work in, 5-axis machining is able to achieve what other precision CNC machinists can’t. It’s used across a number of industries to produce precision components with fast manufacturing times and repeatable accuracy, including industries like:

Set Apart from the Competition

Owens’ group of talented, highly skilled experts allow us to make the “impossible”, possible. Our CNC professionals offer a wide variety of services for businesses just like yours, and our ultra-precise CNC machining is top-of-the-line and offers quality precision parts at the most affordable prices.

If you need precision components for your Naperville business, call Owens Industries' machine shop today to get a quote from the very best in the business!

Contact the precision machinists Naperville businesses trust today to get a quote for our specialized services.


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