CNC Components For Montgomery's Military Industry

Confidential Military CNC Components Montgomery Alabama's Military CNC Machine Shop

As the largest employer in Montgomery, Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base trains the next generations of Air Force pilots. With a large need for CNC components needed to keep planes & jets running correctly, Owens Industries produces the necessary parts to help Maxwell-Gunter teach pilots. Owens Industries knows confidentiality is of the utmost importance in the military industry. This is why every employee, visitor and vendor is required to sign confidentiality agreements to make sure valuable information stays secure. 

In 1944 Owens started as a company serving the military during war times. Since then we have remained a leader in CNC machined components for every aspect of the military from the actuators for night-vision goggles used in missions to parachute cutters that come standard on every parachute pack. With our unmatched experience and commitment to confidentiality, it's no wonder military companies and bases across the United States choose Owens Industries for both top-secret and practical components.


Serving Every Industry Across The U.S.

Although we excel at producing components for the military industry, Owens Industries produces CNC machined components for multiple major industries throughout the country. Whether its an energy company in California or a medical company in New York, we treat every job with the same high level of importance and care. Our CNC processes that include 5-Axis and micromachining, matched with high-quality materials like aluminum and tungsten allow us to create components for every use in any industry. Some of these complex components that we have crafted for other U.S. industries include:

With unmatched experience serving every industry and our team of expert CNC machinists, we can complete even the most complex jobs. With a focus on accuracy and precision, every component we produce is guaranteed to exceed customer expectations. If other machine shops say that a component will be “impossible to create”, Owens Industries says “we can do that”, which has made us a leader among CNC machine shops throughout the United States. To learn more about our services or how we can help create your next complex component, contact us today to experience the Owens Industries difference.


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