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5 Axis Milling For Complex Parts to Your Exact Specifications

Mississippi Machine ShopIf you’re located in Mississippi and need ultra-precision CNC machining services, look to Owens Industries. Most normal machine shops manufacturer parts using 3 or 4 axis milling, but this type of machining lacks the precision achievable by 5 axis milling centers. Owens Industries offers 5 axis milling services when 4 axis machining can’t get the job done to the accuracy demands of your application. Our 5 axis machines can achieve an angular tolerance as low as two thousandth’s of a degree. The benefits of 5 axis machining include:

Unlike 3 axis machining, 5 axis center moves across X, Y and Z axes, but also rotate on the A and B axes. This allows our machinist to create components with high precision from any angle without the need for repositioning. Owens Industries provides the following industries in Mississippi with unmatched CNC machining services:

Owens always strives to exceed industry quality standards. Contact our 5 axis machinist to experience ultra-precision machining today.

Precision Machining Services Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Since 1944, Owens Industries has impressed clients with their superior precision machining capabilities. Our services include micro machining, EDM machining, 5 axis machining, and much more. Since many of our components are machined in one workstation, Owens will quickly deliver your complex part with the highest precision possible.

Contact our precision machine shop today for all your high tolerance CNC machining needs in Mississippi.

Owens Industries serves the CNC precision and micromachining needs of Mississippi, including but not limited to the following cities:

Jackson Gulfport Southaven Hattiesburg
Biloxi Oxford Tupelo Starkville
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