Highly Accurate CNC Machining Services In Memphis, TN

Precision CNC Machining to Exact Specifications

CNC Machining Memphis, TN

Memphis manufacturers have achieved excellent results with precision CNC machining from Owens Industries since 1944. Our CNC machinists are internationally recognized for their extensive knowledge of programming, fixture design and development.

We machine all parts and components to exact specifications from design to production. Our Memphis machining services include:

CNC Machining for the Memphis Medical Industry

Owens Industries provides precision machined parts for the medical industry in Memphis. We manufacture components for medical devices, machines and surgical instruments, including:

Our CNC machinists and medical device engineers produce intricate components to your specifications, from prototype to final product. We work with you to achieve even the most complex machining goals.

Custom Parts for All Memphis Industries

Outside of the medical industry, Memphis relies on Owens Industries for CNC machining for aircrafts, food manufacturing, optical, militaryoil & gas and tool & die making. All of our services are guaranteed for precision and accuracy.

Contact our precision CNC machinists today to get started.
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