CNC Micromachining in New Jersey for Medical Components

CNC machining for the medical industry: 5 axis machining and micromachiningThe medical industry has little to no room for error. That’s why Owens Industries provides the medical experts of New Jersey with the most accurate precision micromachining services. Our 70+ years of machining experience has allowed us to perfect our machining capabilities when it comes to medical equipment, tools, and components.

We have great experience in developing high-quality medical parts, including: 



Lakewood CNC Machine Shop

Owens Industries is a nationally recognized CNC machine shop located in Wisconsin that manufactures components for businesses all around the country. Our highly skilled engineers and machinists have great experience in developing components for a wide variety of industries. Some of the most popular industries we service include the following: aircraft, aerospace, medical, and pharmaceutical

Owens Industries is also a major provider of some of the most sought-after CNC machining services in the country. Many of our most successful and coveted services include:Medical CNC machine shop: 5 axis and precision machining

5 Axis Precision Machining for Medical Components

The 5 Axis machining services at Owens Industries allow us to produce medical components with ultra-precision. Our 5 axis machining engineers are highly experienced machinists that can achieve an angular tolerance of two-thousandths of a degree. 

Quote from a heart pump manufacturer/customer: 

“Your people have achieved within 6 months what others took 2 years to make, and your tolerances were better” 

Our 5 axis machining capabilities play a role in developing certain medical, orthopedic, and dental applications. If you’re in need of complex medical devices, instruments, or other related medical equipment, Owens can handle any of your 5-axis machining needs. 


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