Kansas City, KS Machine Shop Exceeds Expectations

Precision CNC Machining for All Stages of Production

CNC Machining Kansas City, KS

Owens Industries has helped Kansas City manufacturers achieve excellent results with precision CNC machining since 1944. Our internationally recognized CNC machinists use their expertise in programming, fixture design and development to deliver superior results from design to production.

All parts and components are machined with precision to exact specifications. We offer a range of services for Kansas industries, including:

CNC Machined Aircraft and Automotive Parts

Owens Industries provides precision machined parts for automotive and aircraft industries in Kansas City. Our CNC machinists and engineers have decades of experience refining component designs and manufacturing parts for maximum efficiency and safety.

In addition to precision machining and Swiss machining, we offer Wire EDM and deburring services for accuracy and fast turnaround times. We have the capabilities to manufacture aircraft and automotive parts from a range of materials, including:

Custom Components for All Kansas City Industries

Kansas City’s aircraft and automotive industries aren’t the only ones that benefit from our CNC machining services. Other Kansas industries, including medical, food manufacturing, militaryoptical and oil & gas rely on Owens Industries for guaranteed accuracy and precision.

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