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The city of Indianapolis, Indiana has a plethora of culture and diversity, leading the country in manufacturing job creation and automotive engineering. They have always had a significant impact on the global marketplace through a wide range of industries. Their economic growth requires superior CNC machining service manufacturers can rely on. Owens has a facility specially designed for high-end machining processes – it includes temperature and dust control systems for the best precision machined services available. No matter what you need, Owens Industries can make it happen!

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CNC Machining for the Aerospace, Military, and Manufacturing Industries

Indianapolis is leading the nation in economic growth, and the professional machinists at Owens Industries manufacture a wide range of components for each of these industries. We build parts such as:

We make all our components with steel, Inconel, titanium, aluminum, and many other types of strong materials used in the best types of equipment. No matter what components you need for your business, Owens Industries can help you get exactly what you need at the lowest possible price.

Owens Industries goes beyond the capabilities of normal CNC machine shops, helping you achieve the tight tolerances and ultra-precision our competitors can only dream of accomplishing. With a clean room type facility, 5-axis machining centers, Wire and Sink EDM machines with micron tolerances and a team of talented, highly skilled experienced machinists, you can count on the expertise of Owens Industries to produce the most complex components meeting your exact specifications with ease. 

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