High-Quality CNC Components For Honolulu, HI

Owens Industries Manufactures Precision CNC Machined Parts to Your SpecificationsCNC machining Honolulu Hawaii

Owens Industries has been producing high-quality CNC machine components for a variety of Hawaiian manufacturers for over 7 years. Owens is internationally recognized for a variety of CNC services.

The experts at Owens Industries design CNC machinery to meet the needs of Honolulu Hawaii manufacturers, healthcare applications and agriculture industries. Honolulu’s Pacific location makes it a booming business and trading hub between the east and west. One-fifth of the land in Honolulu County is reserved for agriculture making it one of their top industries include manufacturing, military defense and research and development.

ISO 9001 Certified Company to Help Your Honolulu Business

The CNC engineers at Owens Industries can improve part design for an unmatched operating application with the highest-tolerance, precision components. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require components and equipment in the food manufacturing and processing industry to meet strict regulations. 

We have the capabilities to create the highest quality parts that won’t break or corrode under your application environment. The high-quality materials we use for our components include:

Experienced CNC Machinists Offer Repeatable Accuracy for All Components

Owens’ CNC capabilities are unmatched- utilizing the best CNC machining equipment to achieve tighter accuracies and incredible tolerances not possible by many machine shops. We produce precision depended components with fast turnaround times in our dust and temperature controlled facility

Custom Components for Any Industry Built to Spec 

Our high-quality precision micro-machining combined with our state-of-the-art facility has made Owens Industries a trusted name for CNC machining services for every industry throughout Honolulu, Hawaii, including the medical industry, sugarcane agriculture, diversified agriculture which includes cultivating shellfish, finfish and algae and more.

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