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Although North Dakota isn’t America’s most populated state, its economy is considered one of the fastest growing in the entire country. Much of their economic boost is due to industries such as oil and gas and healthcare growing rapidly in the Fargo region, which is where new technology and manufacturing equipment are being built every single day. These necessary developments and innovations are made for future workers in related industries, so the North Dakota economy can continue to grow.

Owens Industries manufactures precision CNC parts for the oil & gas industry for cities all over the United States, and we can make parts for your Fargo, ND business. No matter if you need 5-axis machining, CNC Swiss machining, or micromachining services done, our team of experts is here to help. We guarantee your machined parts will be manufactured to your exact specifications and made with the tightest tolerances, ensuring your machinery will work perfectly for years to come.

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Healthcare Businesses Trust the Precision Machinists at Owens Industries

Many biotech companies, including the Center for Biopharmaceutical Research and Production, are located in the Fargo region. The medical industry is prevalent throughout North Dakota – every single day, Fargo medical companies develop new technologies and make groundbreaking discoveries which greatly benefit the healthcare industry.

When it comes to precision machining for medical devices, Owens Industries is the answer. Our team of CNC machinists is many companies’ preferred manufacturers of cardiovascular and orthopedic devices, surgical instrumentation, and implants.

Other types of medical devices we manufacture for the medical industry include:

Our facility is perfectly controlled to guarantee high precision results, and we can ensure your medical component will be made with the highest accuracy and tightest controls. Give Owens a call today to learn more.

Precision Machined Components for the Oil & Gas Industry

No matter what type of components you need for your business in the oil and gas industry, Owens Industries can help you out. We’ve designed and engineered custom flappers and flapper valves for oil fire suppression systems, which are essential when working in this industry. More often than not, we manufacture components where accuracy is of the utmost necessity. 

From large components to ultraprecise micromachined parts, the experts at Owens can build whatever you need to your exact specifications and at an affordable price. Contact us today to get a quote on our expert CNC machining services.

We offer a wide range of precision machining services, including:

Contact the CNC machining experts at Owens Industries today to learn more about what we do for businesses all over the country.
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