Multi-Axis CNC Machining In Elizabeth, NJ

Elizabeth, NJ Precision Machining5 Axis Machining for Complex Components with Exacting Demands

While many machine shops can provide 3 or 4 axis milling, Owens Industries goes above and beyond those capabilities by offering 5 axis CNC machining services. With state-of-the-art 5 axis precision milling centers, our machinists can achieve an angular tolerance as low as two-thousandths of a degree. Complex components with tight tolerance and high accuracy demands are machined with ease at Owens.

For a multitude of industries – including aerospace, food manufacturing, medical, and beyond - our skilled machinists utilize a number of precision machining processes to quickly produce complex components with repeatable accuracy. From precision gears that require 1-micron tolerances to anti-locking brake housings for aircrafts, rely on our nationally-recognized CNC machine shop to complete the job with the highest precision and quality results.

Advanced Manufacturing for Critical Components

If you are looking for the sharpest, cleanest, and most precise CNC machining company in New Jersey, Owens Industries has the capabilities you need to get your orders cut and delivered on time and within budget. Our precision machining services are highly sought after in multiple industries because we require our CNC machinists to truly understand their machine’s behaviors – not just the electronic makeup, technical controls, and power button. By hiring true professionals and not just standard workers to operate our CNC machines, our customers receive the best precision components they need with the repeatable accuracy they demand.

We perform a number of ultra-precision machining services, such as: 

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