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Elgin, IL is a city in Cook and Kane Counties in the northern part of Illinois about 35 miles north of Chicago. With over 110,000 people, Elgin is one of the largest cities in the state and has many large employers contributing to the local economy, including J.P. Morgan Chase, Advocate Sherman Hospital, and Elgin Community College. 

Owens Industries is happy to serve Illinois manufacturers with reliable CNC that consistently produces exacting accuracies on the parts we machine, no matter the industry application. Whether you need tools and dies for your plastic injection molding company, surgical instruments or parts for MRI machines, miniature components for optic products, or any other complex components with high precision demands – Owens is the answer. 

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Custom Created Components through 5-Axis Machining

We guarantee unbeatable precision and accuracy, thanks to our industry-leading 5-axis machining capabilities. Our 5 axis milling services allow us to achieve an angular tolerance of .002˚. Each member of our engineering team has decades of experience working with these machines, consistently producing superior components for facilities across the United States as well as internationally. Our fast turnaround times of precision components have made Owens Industries the go-to machine shop among industry professionals.

We offer 5-axis machining services for a wide range of industries, including:

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