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Micromachining Services for Small, Complex ComponentsPrecision Machining Chicago

The Windy City. The City of Broad Shoulders. Chi-Town.  Chicago. The 3rd largest city in America goes by many names, but maybe its most important identity is as the largest manufacturing center of the Midwest. From Auto parts manufacturing to biotechnology to the medical tech industry, Chicago stands tall in the manufacturing field. But perhaps the largest subsection of this field in Chicago is the food processing industry. Raw farm products, shipped in by rail from the Great Plains states, have been being converted to edible goods since the 1830s. Since the 1880s, Chicago has been home to leading firms in almost all areas of the food processing industry, including cereals, baked goods, and even candy.

From massive companies like Nabisco and Kraft-Heinz to Oscar Mayer, from Keebler cookies to Quaker Oats, from Morton Salt to Cracker Jack to Wrigley’s gum, Chicago has a vibrant history of food processing and distribution companies that continues to this day.

There is arguably no more important industry to have precise manufacturing parts than that of the food processing industry. If what we feed ourselves and our children is not properly manufactured, it can be a life or death issue. Precision components are not just in high demand, they are a necessity. The CNC engineers at Owens are more than capable of producing custom components for the machinery used at Chicago’s many food processing centers.

5 Axis Milling and EDM Producing Tight Tolerances and Exacting Precision

Owens Industries specializes in 5 axis CNC milling capable of achieving an angular tolerance as intricate as two-thousandths of a degree (.002°). When we speak about “micromachining,” it doesn’t get much more “micro” than that. We manufacture true 5 axis components with ease, components that other companies have deemed “impossible to make.” It takes more than just excellent machining equipment and exacting programming capabilities to perform true 5 axis work. It takes talented, experienced people. Our manufacturing engineers are extraordinarily skilled machinists who have been with Owens for 20 to 30 years—even longer in many cases. These are the people who program and calibrate the machines. These are the people who actually manufacture the components you need, running the job until all the fine-tuning is perfect. No matter how complex your part designs may be, Owens makes the “impossible” very possible.

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