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Highly Precise Components Made with Precision and CareCNC Machining Chattanooga

For generations, Chattanooga, TN has been a thriving hub for business, and this place offers a wide range of job opportunities in manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. The healthcare industry in Tennessee, in particular, is responsible for nearly 210,000 jobs, and manufacturing makes up about 12% of Chattanooga’s economy. 

Owens Industries is an ISO certified machine shop that provides high precision CNC machine components to Chattanooga businesses in every industry. Our machine shop is ISO 9001:2015 certified, meaning we have the capabilities and expertise to manufacture whatever components you need. Contact us today to learn more or get a quote for your next project.

Machined Components for the Healthcare Industry

The medical industry in Chattanooga is always in need of high-quality components made with the most precise CNC lathe work. Owens Industries is the right choice for CNC machining of medical parts including:

Check out some more of our components and capabilities in our featured image gallery.

Precision Components for the Tennessee Manufacturing Industry

Owens Industries fabricates precision parts for industries all over the United States, and manufacturers everywhere rely on high-quality machinery with computers to accurately measure dimensions on the parts they build. Our CNC engineers have extensive experience with components intended for use with a wide variety of machinery – from tool & die makers to food production, Owens Industries builds components for every manufacturing industry in the United States.

We use a wide range of high-quality materials for all our components, including:

We can produce many complex components requiring tight tolerances and ultra-precise accuracy. No matter what CNC components you need for your food manufacturing and processing business, the experts at Owens Industries are here to help!

Contact the CNC machining experts Chattanooga trusts today to get a quote for machined components.
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