Medical Precision CNC Components For Baltimore, MD

Custom Machined Components Manufactured for Medical Schools like Johns Hopkins UniversityJohns Hopkins Medical School

Medical schools are the some of the most prestigious educational institutions which train our doctors and medical professionals to save lives. Learning the procedures medical practitioners have to perform on a daily basis takes a lot of practice, and students need to learn them by using the standard equipment and surgical tools used by real doctors.

Owens Industries specializes in fabricating high quality precision medical equipment for hospitals and medical colleges throughout the country, and our CNC professionals can manufacture parts for your Baltimore medical facility. We provide 5-axis milling, precision micromachining, Swiss machining and even wire EDM services for all our medical components, and we can help you fabricate your medical components to your exact specifications.

Professionally Micromachined Parts Manufactured for the Medical Field

Surgical tools and equipment need to be made to the most precise specifications, which is what Owens Industries specializes in. Our CNC professionals manufacture a wide variety of common medical tools made for precision, including:

When you work with Owens Industries, you’ll know your medical components will be manufactured with the most precise specifications and the tightest tolerances. No matter if you need the components for a hospital, a clinic or a medical school, the CNC experts at Owens will get the job done.

Call the medical part manufacturers at Owens Industries today to get a quote on precision parts.
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