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Jobs in Pennsylvania continue to grow at a rapid pace, and Allentown is one of the biggest cities in the state with the most thriving economy. Over 33,000 new manufacturing jobs were created in Allentown within 10 years, and the metropolitan area has principal plant locations for major corporations such as Mack Trucks and Bethlehem Steel, Air Products and Chemicals, and PPL Corporation.

Owens machinists are globally renowned for producing high-quality CNC micromachining services. With decades of experience in the machining industry, we frequently help our clients perfect their initial prototypes and designs – improving small accuracies which may have gone unnoticed. If your Allentown manufacturing business needs the best CNC precision components, contact Owens Industries today for a quote.

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The professionals at Owens produce custom components with fast turnaround times and repeatable accuracy, always exceeding client expectations. We serve a wide variety of industries, including:

Our engineering staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality CNC machining services with tight tolerances and precise results.

Get CNC Machining Services from the Best in the Business

If you need comprehensive and precise parts manufactured by the best in the business, call Owens Industries today to learn more about our expert machining services. Give us a call today to learn more about what we do or to get a quote for your next project.

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