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Do You Have Complex Parts Or Problem Components? We’ll Provide the Prefect CNC Solution for You!Machined Nozzles

One of the largest commercial Ink Jet Printing Companies in the nation was a longtime client of Owens Industries, utilizing our CNC services to machine print head components. We had been making little nozzles for a very long time with them. At one point in our partnership, our Vice President, Mark, made a visit to their facility to discuss other work they may have and how we could help them with it. Following this meeting, Owens Industries completely took over the production of the entire print head!

The ink used in this product is very messy liquid and the print head they had been using was leaking everywhere. Mark spoke with the assembly leads in each area to find out what problems they were experiencing in order to develop the best solution. As he did this, the buyer would work with him to cut small production runs for Owens, allowing us to see if we could fix the problems.

After about a year, Owens had taken on the entire print head and their company was shipping more print heads than ever before, with faster assembly times and less final test failures. From the first little nozzle job, a million dollar-a-year customer grew. This success led to years of a continued partnership.

Our expertise gave us the resources we needed to meet our goals with this client. Owens was able to match and exceed demands of this customer because of our open communication and continued support of providing high precision CNC services to our clients. These services include:

Industries Benefit from CNC Services at Owens

Owens Industries provides professional CNC services with the purpose of serving clients from as many industries as possible. Precision CNC, wire EDM, and deburring can each be used for cutting and forming a variety of different products. We believe the best way to operate any business is to be as inclusive as possible. Although we appreciate the amazing opportunities in the Aircraft industry, we know our services can be optimized by reaching out to other fields of expertise. Industries who have used our CNC services before, and continue to, include:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Medical Systems & Devices
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunications & Fiber Optics
  • Optical & Electron Microscope

If you want to see more examples of our CNC machining and milling work with our customers from other industries, check out our gallery. It features three dimensional videos to give you a complete view of some of the parts we’ve made. We also have more case studies listed if you’re curious about the other services we have provided in recent years.


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