Micro Machined 3D Heart Cavity Component

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Micro Machined Medical ComponentsPrecision EDM for Medical Components

When you need medical components machined with the absolute highest precision, look to Owens Industries. The results of our micromachining, 5 axis, and EDM work have not only allowed us to obtain a multitude of machining jobs across the Medical Industry – our results have secured lifelong partnerships between our Machine Shop and clients.

Creating a unique 3D Heart Cavity Instrument is a prime example of the precision machining skills Owens offers that are unachievable by lesser machine shops around the world. When we were contacted by a client in Canada who was developing an instrument to scan heart cavities via a 3D image – Owens was not intimidated, but rather excited by the challenge presented.

This specific component required ultra-high precision micromachining services and results to match. The actual tool itself would need to be disposable – so it was micro molded in production. We machined three peak components – two halves of the whole part and a locking key not much bigger than a comma. Due to the strict demands of this component it was machined in two parts, each half with tiny flow channels on the inside faces – which had to exactly match up with each corresponding channel. These parts were 5 axis milled and precision tuned to meet its exacting demands – holding these tiny parts in the milling fixtures with crazy glue so they wouldn’t distort, and using ball nose cutting tools as small as .003 in the production of the peak parts.

We initially created 100 of these parts for the client – they were so happy with the results they came back for more. We now produce nearly 10,000 of these parts per year (1000/month). Medical professionals and patients alike across the US and Canada have been relying on our precision CNC machining services since 1944.

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