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Making a BIG Difference on Small PartsWisconsin Machine Shop

Recently, Owens Industries was contracted by a company to measure very small sapphire bearings because we were one of the few local companies with a video optics measurement system fully capable of measuring miniature parts. Our VP of Operations, Mark, was invited to the company’s facility to see the product. During his visit he met with the design engineer and discussed the problems they were having in assembly.

Mark offered to measure 25 parts of three different components to their prints. He presented the quality manager with the results – less than five parts of any 25 part group were per print! Mark then asked for permission to make 25 of each part for the price they were paying the other CNC company; he was given a purchase order.

We had all 25 parts of each component assembled together by one technician. No quality issues were found and our assemblies were built up and assembled in half the time of previous suppliers. Owens was given 100% of the product with annual sales of just over $1 million at its peak – this helped us establish an even stronger footing and reputation in the CNC services community!

Owens Industries would not have been able to complete this project had we only offered one of our many services. We are able to meet the demands of our clients, despite their own specialty or backgrounds, with our broad variety of CNC services offered:

It Doesn’t Matter What Industry You’re In, You Have Access to Affordable CNC Services with Owens

High Quality precision CNC, 5 axis milling, and EDM services built the reputation Owens has gained in throughout the many industries across the world. Clients from all over the country have learned our services can provide the necessary parts for space travel, surgery, and even military defense. A wider selection of CNC service possibilities allows us to serve companies from all backgrounds, including:

Check out our gallery if you’re interested in seeing additional examples of our CNC services work with customers around the United States. Even get a three dimensional perspective of the parts we’ve cut with our gallery’s videos. Other case studies are also available for you to review.

Understanding our past work will help you get an idea of the focus and craftsmanship we’ll bring to your current and future projects. When you take advantages of Owens’ CNC services, you’re making an investment not only in the given assignment, but your company as well. Avoid failure and invest in Owens Industries by taking advantage of our affordable CNC services today!


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