Why Rhenium Might Be the Right Material for Your Parts

Why Rhenium Might Be the Right Material for Your Parts

Owens Industries uses Rhenium to machine components for a wide variety of industries

Complex CNC Machined Components Made From Rhenium

Rhenium is a dense, malleable and ductile metal. With a melting point of 3,180℃, one of the highest melting points of all metals, it makes it a perfect material to use in high-temperature environments. Rhenium has an unusual property that allows it to be heated and recycled many times, this allows Owens to make sure the component is perfect or else the whole process will be restarted. Some components Owens has made for the aerospace industry include:

  • Jet engine components
  • Parts for temperature control devices
  • Rocket thrusters
  • Thermocouples

Rhenium CNC Machined Components Made By Owens Industries

We confidently provide advanced CNC machining services, such as complex simultaneous 5-axis milling, for materials like Rhenium. Rhenium is one of the densest materials we have, making it difficult to machine. Owen's team of CNC machinists however have the necessary experience to work with and create components from this material. We know how to cut Rhenium with precision so that your exact machining specifications are met with the highest result. 

If you think Rhenium is the right material for your machined component, don't hesitate to contact us today! If you believe a different material would work better for your component, take a look at our other high-quality material offerings. If you’re interested in seeing the high-quality precision components that we’ve made from materials like Rhenium, take a look at the video product gallery where you can see an in-depth look at what we’re capable of. 

Interested in utilizing Rhenium for your machined component? Contact Owens Industries today.

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