Molybdenum Components Made Using CNC Machining

Molybdenum Components Made Using CNC Machining

Molybdenum is commonly used for CNC machining components that are used within the aerospace industry.

High Tolerance CNC Machined Components From Molybdenum 

Molybdenum is a brightly colored metal that is resistant to corrosion but can be deformed into a thin wire without losing its strength. The only two elements that have a higher melting point than Molybdenum are tantalum and tungstenMolybdenum alloys can be CNC machined by many different metal machining processes including swiss machining, 5 axis machining, micromachining with wire EDM, Complex simultaneous 5 axis milling, and more. 

Molybdenum is often used in machining parts for a wide variety of applications. However, molybdenum is most commonly used with parts required for aerospace CNC machining. Molybdenum aerospace parts and components have a high melting point of roughly 2,610 ℃, good mechanical properties, and low CTE. 

Common aerospace components made from Molybdenum: 

  • Combustion chamber
  • Guide blade 
  • Turbine blade 
  • Turbine disc

Molybdenum CNC Machined Components Made by Owens Industries 

Owens Industries is highly confident that we can utilize our advanced CNC machining methods to produce top-of-the-line, high tolerance molybdenum components for your business. We have access to the most advanced CNC machining services that guarantee high-quality components. Owens Industries offers the best 5-axis CNC machine services to help your business manufacture the molybdenum components that you need. If molybdenum doesn't seem like the right material for your component, take a look at the other materials that we offer! 

Interested in utilizing molybdenum for your machined component? Contact Owens Industries today.

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