CNC Machined Haynes Components

CNC Machined Haynes Components

Haynes is a material used to manufacture advanced CNC machining components for the aerospace industry. Haynes is commonly used within parts required to build afterburners for aircrafts.

Complex CNC Machined Components Made From Haynes

Haynes is a nickel-chromium-tungsten-molybdenum alloy that has impressive strength in high temperatures. This material also has superb resistance to oxidizing environments up to 1149℃ (2100℉) for long periods.

Haynes is a castable material that can be easily fabricated and formed into plate, sheet, strip, billet, bar, and wire forms. This material is commonly used for gas turbines or other high temperate components commonly used in the aerospace industry. Many of the aerospace engine applications that come from Haynes include flame holders, liners, combustion cans, afterburner parts, and transition ducts. 

 What is the chemical composition of Haynes Alloy? 

  1. Nickel - 58% 
  2. Molybdenum - 24-26%
  3. Chromium - 7-9% 
  4. Cobalt - 2.5 % 
  5. Iron - 2% 
  6. Manganese - 0.8% 
  7. Silicon - 0.8%
  8. Copper - 0.5%
  9. Aluminum - 0.5%
  10. Carbon - 0.03%
  11. Borbon - 0.006% 

Haynes CNC Machined Components Made by Owens Industries

Owens Industries has the ability to utilize its wide variety of CNC machining services such as micromachining with wire EDM, fine wire EDM, complex CNC machining, and more. We are a haynes machine shop that can manufacture your desired complex CNC machine components. If other machine shops can't deliver your request, we want to! If haynes doesn't seem like the right material for your component, take a look at the other materials we've worked with! 

Interested in utilizing Haynes for your machined component? Contact Owens Industries today.

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