7085 Aluminum CNC Machined Components

7085 Aluminum CNC Machined Components

7085 Aluminum is used by many CNC machine shops to manufacture aerospace and aircraft components

Is 7085 Aluminum the Right Material for your Aerospace Component?

7085 Aluminum is a forged material commonly used for aerospace and aircraft component parts. Forging is the process applied to materials in order to press them into a desired shape or size. 7085 Aluminum is forged through heating, deforming, and finishing processes that eventually generate a sought-after result.

This high-strength, heat treatable alloy is commonly used as rolled stock for all kinds of aerospace applications and components. This impressive material is used by CNC machine shops to develop components intended for high-temperature environments. The hot working aspects of 7085 aluminum are important characteristics to notice. These aspects allow this material to be thermomechanically processed.


7085 Aluminum CNC Machined Components Made By Owens Industries

Owens Industries provides advanced CNC machining services to help develop the components and applications that you can’t get anywhere else. We utilize ultra-precision CNC machining techniques such as micromachining with wire EDM, fine wire EDM, complex CNC machining, and more to develop the perfect component for your aerospace and aircraft applications.

If you think 7085 Aluminum is the right material for your machined component, contact us today. If you think a different material might better suit the component that you need, take a look at our commonly machined materials page, or contact us about any unlisted items.

If you have an interest in seeing the high-quality components that we’ve machined for past projects, take a look at the video product gallery where you can see 3D models of our work.

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