6 Advantages of CNC Machining

CNC stands for "Computer Numerical Control". The 6 advantages of CNC machining include project flexibility, wide applicability, fast manufacturing speed, specific precision, convenience, and ability to reduce liability.


With 5 axis milling centers and micron accuracy EDM, the capabilities of CNC machines go far beyond what normal metal fabricators can achieve. Meeting your complex component needs is best done with CNC machines. With the many CNC services Owens Industries offers, we cover each of our clients with these guarantees, providing superior CNC machining services to all Wisconsin, Midwest, and United States companies.


1. Project Flexibility

Five-axis machining has shorter cutting tools, allowing for faster cuttings speeds and reduced vibration of the tools themselves – minimizing imperfections in the material being cut. Additionally, when it comes to hole drilling with 5 axis, users can save a lot of time. 5 axis milling is one of the most capable axis services available (exceeding the possibilities of 3 and 4 axis machining). Owens Industries utilizes 5 axis machining because of its flexibility in cutting and producing parts for our clients. It has the unique capability to cut complicated shapes without having to set up separate parts. This CNC technique is not only efficient but can save companies money as well. It gives you the option to cut complex parts from solid blocks of metal and other materials, eliminating the need to use the time-consuming casting process. Most machine shops use alternative metalworking equipment to drill a series of holes in parts from different angles – this can waste time and money. 5 axis milling machine heads can be programmed to adjust and line up along different axes automatically. This gives 5 axis a hand over other metalworking equipment because it can work much faster with its flexible setup.

Owens Industries offers 5 axis CNC machining services because it allows our clients to save time and money when ordering parts.

2. Wide applicability: Wire EDM cuts through anything

The benefits of CNC machining continue to grow as we analyze wire EDM and what makes it superior to other metalworking equipment. Although many companies choose 5 axis milling for their parts manufacturing, wire EDM is also a popular choice because of its wide applicability. It can cut almost any material, creating a spark between two electrodes (the wire and workpiece) in dielectric fluids. Materials commonly machined by Wire EDM include Brass Aluminum Steel Copper Platinum Nickel Aside from its wide material cutting range, wire EDM boasts a number of unique capabilities companies may find worthwhile when ordering parts with Owens Industries. It ensures fast turnaround times, reducing production costs and ultimately saving your company money! Tight tolerances and polished finishes are easily produced as well.

Wire EDM CNC machining services can be found at Owens Industries.

3. Increased production speed

Another form of electrical discharge machining, capable of cutting complex pieces wire EDM cannot, is Ram / Sink / Plunge EDM. Also known as Cavity EDM, an electrode erodes the workpiece while submerged in a dielectric fluid, cutting the desired cavities or shapes into a part. With the process occurring in a fluid medium, metal chips from cutting are easily removed. Also, cooling the sinker EDM tool is effortless – keeping the operation moving forward in a timely manner. This improved cooling is caused by the automatic switching off of the electrical impulse, it improves the wear resistance of the electrode and without effort improves the surface integrity of the workpiece being cut. The electrical impulses have a frequency between 50 and 500 kHz, keeping the electrode from breaking down over time due to its electrical discharges. This allows time to be utilized efficiently, helping companies save time and therefore directly aiding in the effort to save money.

Owens Industries has unique capabilities because of the many CNC machining services we provide, including our cost and time-effective Ram / Sink / Plunge EDM services.

4. Generates accurate details through precision capabilities

Every CNC Shop should be able to provide detailed, precise cutting services to their clients. Owens Industries offers the best in micromachining solutions. If you need CNC machining services to engrave, drill, cut, or deposit materials, trust Owens Industries. We’ll use the ideal processes – from 5 axis milling to wire EDM and Sinker EDM to achieve the exact specifications demanded. Micromachining has a number of benefits, including its ability to: Cut almost any material Use submicron tolerances to create features 1 micron or larger Avoid material and heat buildup Optimize cost-effectiveness Micromachining is one of the latest CNC machining technologies and one of the most popular as well. It is an affordable solution for any detailed parts you need cut within your time limits and budget. Whether you’re based in Texas, Florida, California, or anywhere else in the U.S., Owens Industries can machine your parts easily with our CNC micromachining services.

Owens Industries offers micromachining as a solution for projects needing precise, detailed cutting.

5. Convenience

As a provider of CNC services for 60+ years, Owens Industries has built its entire business off convenience for companies looking to machine parts at affordable prices without sacrificing important production time. The bane of our CNC machining services existence can really be summed up with our CNC lathes / turning services. As one of our most convenient services, lathes/turning makes any difficult job an easier and faster process because the use of computer programs allows for a fully automated operation. This super convenient CNC machining service allows us to work in several industries, including Aerospace Oil & Gas Medical Military Tool & Die Makers With one operator needed to feed the computer a set of dimensions, lathes, and turning work delivers accuracy and speed with any project it’s assigned. Lower costs with our modern CNC turning services. Owens Industries offers a quick and money-saving solution for your parts needs.

You can save time and money without lifting a finger with Owens Industries’ lathes / turning CNC machining services for companies from any industry.

6. Reduces Liability for Advanced Deburring Services

More than 30 decades ago, the original single-belt deburring machines would create 90-degree edges, but today, if the same edges were produced, it would be considered a safety liability. Modern CNC machines, like 5 axis and Wire EDM, produce almost perfect finishes on the parts they machine. What little deburring is necessary is completed by hand by our experienced and dedicated deburring department, assuring absolute precision in every part Owens manufacturers.

Owens Industries offers advanced deburring services to help you reduce liabilities and smooth surfaces with your products and parts.


If you're interested in getting more information about how you can benefit from the CNC machining services at Owens industries, contact our machine shop today.
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