Contour Milling/Profiling

Contour MillingContour Milling/Profiling – Contour milling produces a continuous curve of various degrees. Contour milling requires extensive knowledge of complex programs and machinery to produce ultra-precise tolerances and angles. Incredibly intricate industrial components and even works of art can be milled from massive blanks using contour milling.


What is Contour Milling used for?

Contour milling is used to machine flat or irregular surfaces. Contour milling is often required to cut details into component parts that most other CNC machines couldn’t achieve. Some of the most popular reasons this machining method is used are to drill, create slots & holes or cut gears into metals or alloys.

Owens Industries has some of the most advanced contour milling machines. We’re able to manufacture detailed prototypes and full production parts for almost any application, regardless of the industry. We’ve been able to use our advanced contour milling capabilities to manufacture components for aerospace, medical, military/ defense and many other industries.



Contour Milling at Owens Industries

We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient contour milling services. Countour milling requires the use of advanced technology such as High-Speed Cutting (HSC) and 5-Axis machining to ensure a controlled cut for an accurate product. We use contour milling to create complex parts for a variety of industries, including:


Contour Milling & Other Services

In addition to offering contour milling services, Owens specializes in many other CNC machining processes. Any of or precision milling processes can be used to create complex parts that can then be contour milled on to accomplish complicated jobs that take the utmost care and accuracy. See some of our other CNC machining services that can be used in addition with contour milling to provide your company with the exact part specifications needed:




Benefits of Contour Milling

Owens Industries produces contour-milled components with precision cuts and tight tolerances in our dust-free and temperature-controlled facility. Contour milling is perfect for applications with irregular surfaces requiring complex geometrical cuts and high cutting speeds. Contour milling is a great way to produce parts with curves, concave, convex or any unusual shapes from metals, including:

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