Tampa FL machine Shop

Tampa FL machine Shop

California Micromachining Services using 5 Axis Milling

Don’t settle for 3 or 4 axis machining when you can get 5 axis machining from Owens Industries. When choosing 5 axis machining your part is completed in one single setup, this aids in precision and reduces labor and overall costs. The need for other CNC machining techniques are typically eliminated when using 5 axis milling as well, these would include multiple setups, part transfers, and inspections. Ultimately, the benefits of 5 axis machining are: quality surface finishes, maximum precision, and lower cost per part.

Wire EDM Cutting

If you’re looking for wire EDM services in California, resulting in the highest precision products, turn to Owens Industries. If you have a complex component with tight tolerance demands, it’s likely you’ve inquired with multiple machine shops in the U.S. – in the search for one capable of meeting your exact needs, no matter how impossible they may seem. At Owens Industries, we have the ability to cut corner radius of .0015” and achieve positional accuracies of .05um. We welcome complex component challenges, give us a call today!


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