Precision Machining Philadelphia

Precision Machining Philadelphia

Precision Testing Equipment for the Most Accurate CNC Results

While some of our competitors choose to invest in state-of-the-art equipment like Owens - to ensure their CNC machining results are of the highest precision possible - our controlled facility environment and highly skilled team of machinists and programmers is what sets our services apart. Our Wire EDM department is able to maintain airflow within a temperature of plus or minus 0.5 degrees. We also have an electrostatic and ion filtration system throughout our CNC milling and lathe departments, controlling dust and particles. Think of our facility as a clean room more than a machine shop.

Highly Skilled CNC Machinists for Complex Components

Owens easily achieves the accuracies you desire by teaming up with the best German and Swiss CNC machine manufacturing companies. With their help, our precision CNC machining shop, is able to integrate a 5 axis system capable of achieving incredible precision. All our CNC staff, from machinist to programmers to precision quality testers, strives to create parts meeting your exact specifications, and surpassing the capabilities of other machine shops in the U.S.

We offer our CNC machining services to many industries, including aerospace, defense, medical, and energy. Many of our clients from these industries have come to use Owens because of our multi-axis machining capabilities and the ultra-precision results of our products. If someone has told you it can’t be done, contact Owens Industry for advanced precision CNC machining services.


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