CNC Machining Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Are you mobilizing to meet the urgent need for medical ventilators, IV pumps, or personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 crisis? Owens Industries is here to help. Contact our team today, or call us at 414-764-1212.

Achieve the Impossible With the Best CNC Machines in the IndustryCNC Machining for the Pharmaceutical Industry

High-quality pharmaceutical equipment is a necessity in today’s modern medical industry. Machine manufacturers can tailor production systems down to the last detail to ensure everything is manufactured to exactly the right standard. Pharmaceutical medical components such as centrifuges, cooling towers, and granulators are always manufactured to the highest possible standards

The engineers at Owens Industries are a favorite among manufacturers of cardiovascular and orthopedic devices, surgical instrumentation, and implants. Miniature parts vital to the operation of pharmaceutical equipment and tools are no challenge for our micromachining experts – we work with materials ranging from titanium and stainless steel to invar, Kovar, and Inconnel. 

Our trained professionals will work alongside you from start to finish, accomplishing even the most impossible machining goals. Contact Owens today to get an estimate for your next project.

What Are Centrifuges?

CNC Machining Centrifuges

A centrifuge is a common laboratory device used in the pharmaceutical industry used for separating fluids, gas or liquid, based on density. Spinning a vessel at high speeds allows the centrifugal force to push heavier materials to the outside of the vessel.

Some of the most common types of centrifuges used by pharmaceutical companies include:

Owens Industries offers the best in CNC machining processes to fabricate high-quality centrifuges for the pharmaceutical industry. Experienced precision CNC machinists at Owens utilize the latest technology to offer a multitude of components built to near-impossible specifications. 

Medical Part Manufacturing Capabilities

Owens Industries has engineered and manufactured a wide array of precise components. Our trained professionals will work alongside you from start to finish, accomplishing even the most impossible machining goals for your pharmaceutical components.  

Some of the components we build for pharmaceutical companies include:

We’ll surpass your expectations with our unmatched medical precision machining services, and we promise the best work with a quick turnaround time. We take medical component challenges head-on and create medical prototype parts no one else would even bother attempting to try. Our skilled staff is able to design and work through any glitch or problem a specific component may have.

Get the Most from 5-Axis Machining

Understanding the full capabilities for 5-axis machining is the difference between an ordinary component and an extraordinary one. We have an arsenal of the best 5-axis machinery on the market produced by the best brands, and are always operated by expert machinists who know how to utilize 5-axis technology for your particular components.

5-axis milling still plays a key role in certain medical, pharmaceutical, and ophthalmic applications. If you’re manufacturing medical devices, surgical instrumentation, or other related equipment, Owens can handle your 5-axis machining demands – delivering the highest precision results every time.

If you have a complex project that needs true 5-axis CNC machining, Owens Industries has your answer. 

Contact our Wisconsin CNC machinists today to discuss your design and machining needs. 

Components We Build for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

 Components We Build for the Pharmaceutical Industry



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