Vancouver WA edm Machining

Vancouver WA edm Machining

Precision CNC Machining Above the Rest

Small components, especially micro sized parts, require the finest of craftsmanship and the most delicate dedication to precision. Though most tiny parts are unseen, they are just as important as larger parts in terms of an applications operation. At Owens Industries, we give our undivided attention to machining tiny parts with the highest precision possible. No project too complicated or delicate can outmatch our precision machining services, as our expert engineers expect no less of themselves than we do of them. Our confidence is evident in what we do, guaranteeing client satisfaction in every product.

Owens’ advanced precision machining capabilities are as diverse as our project output. We serve a multitude of industries including but not limited to: aerospace, defense, medical, telecommunications, and energy. With the latest in precision CNC machining technology and a temperature and dust controlled facility (ensuring perfection in our micromachining processes), we offer several services including 5-axis milling, Wire EDM, lathe work, and Sink/Ram/Plunge EDM. While most machine shops in the U.S. offer 3 axis milling as their specialty, Owens has the equipment to machine 5 axes in one set up.

Our precision machining company exceeds expectations in every way through a tested and true production process. Let Owens Industries build the perfect component for you, making the future possible.


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