Precision Micro Machining

High Precision Micromachining Services

Precision Micromachining Services Perform the Impossible

Owens’ precision machining capabilities soar beyond that of our competitors, manufacturing the smallest components imaginable with exacting accuracies. For micron sized parts, we use a 300 power magnification camera to test precision, ensuring products meeting your specific demands. Owens Industries has completed several high precision micro machining projects, including miniature gears in optometry devices and components in respiratory monitoring equipment. Both parts are essential in the medical industry. Another vital element manufactured by Owens is accessories for the electron microscope. Such microscopes are capable of magnifying specimens at a higher power than a light microscope. Small-scaled pieces are challenges for most CNC machining facilities, however our latest technology in micromachining outshines the rest.

Owens’ dedicated and experienced engineers raise the bar in client expectation. No matter the degree of intricacy, it’s made possible with Owens Industries. We offer Wire EDM, 5-axis milling, and sinker EDM services to achieve the highest quality manufactured components. Precision micro machining isn’t an easily-mastered craft. No other machine shop in the United States offers products with such confidence. Count on our detail-oriented CNC machinists to get the job done right the first time.

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