Precision CNC for San Diego Industries

ISO Certified Machine Shop Makes a Difference in Manufacturing

Owens Industries offers first-class precision machining services to manufacturers in San Diego, helping them better compete in markets including aerospace, navigation and maritime tech, apparel manufacturing, biomedical devices and products, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Our advanced CNC machines are operated by industry leading professionals; this paired with a temperature and dust controlled facility guarantees high precision results and complete customer satisfaction. We can meet your exact specifications, no matter how impossible they may seem.

High-Precision Micromachining Capabilities

Incredible micromachining capabilities is what sets Owens apart from other machine shops in the U.S. Designing the perfect process for the demands of your part -by combining electrical discharge machining, multi-axis milling, and precision lathe – we’re capable of achieving higher precision and repeatable accuracy.

We continually strive to improve and optimize our services to reduce costs and maximize customer convenience. Custom gears, robot parts, medical implants, punch and die tooling, and mold components are just a few of the products we machine. Give us a call today to discuss your parts and how we can improve precision.

Contact our precision CNC machinists for a quote on your complex components.


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