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Professional CNC Machining Services from the Experts at Owens Industries

If your Sacramento company needs manufactured CNC precision parts made, Owens Industries is the only way to go. No matter if you work in the aerospace industry, the medical industry or you’re in the military, our precision parts will always be guaranteed to meet your exact specifications. 

Our wide range of manufacturing capabilities allow Owens Industries to work with a wide variety of businesses all over the country. Our CNC experts have worked with reputable corporations all over the California area, including Boeing, Acromil, Space Island Group and Honeywell Aerospace. We are available to work for your company as well – simply contact us today to get a quote on whatever precision part you need.

The Very Best in High Quality Machining Services in California

Our company’s reliability when manufacturing precision CNC parts can’t be beat – our years of experience working for a wide variety of industries all over the United States make us your best option for getting the exact part you need.

Our professional machining services include:

From initial design to final construction, our professional CNC part manufacturers are sure to help you build any precision part you need at the most affordable price.

No matter what type of precision part you need for your industry, the experts at Owens Industries can manufacture it to your exact specifications. We make a wide variety of custom tools, complex components and ultra-precise machined parts for businesses all over the country, and if you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer of these types of components, Owens is the way to go.

Contact Owens Industries today to learn how you can get started on your next CNC precision part.
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