CNC Aircraft Machining

Multi-Axis Milling & Electrical Discharge Machining Services

CNC Aircraft Machining Services

Our Wisconsin Machine Shop offers unparalleled CNC services for aircraft part manufacturers, including multi-axis milling and electrical discharge machining. ISO 9001:2015 Certification assures quality throughout our entire process, and advanced technologies paired with adept CNC programmers is how we achieve incredible results with measurable precision. We can help you respond to the constant demand for high tech materials and precision designs in the aviation markets. With experience machining for leading organizations across all industries, you can rely on Owens to deliver aircraft parts meeting your exact specifications. Our capabilities include:

Parts for Helicopters, Jets, Commercial Airplanes & Other Aircrafts

There are strict standards when manufacturing products for the aircraft and aerospace industry, with demands ranging from material durability to batch traceability; leaving no room for production errors. If you’re capabilities can’t achieve the specifications laid out by your clients, outsource your CNC 5 axis milling, wire EDM, sinker EDM, and/or lathe work to Owens Industries.

Our experts are highly experienced and trained to ensure the best service and end products for our customers and their business. The aircraft industry’s preferred materials are chosen based on factors like how economical, durable, lightweight, corrosion resistant, and easy to assemble they are.

We offer an unsurpassed level of quality and precision, producing OEM aircraft parts cut from materials like:

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