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Wisconsin 5 Axis Machine ShopSmoother surface finish, longer tool life, reduced set up time, and increased accuracy on every part are only a few of the reasons we offer 5-axis machining services. Specially calibrated, our state-of-the-art milling centers produce the highest level of precision; cutting costs by reducing product waste. No matter how complex your component needs, we have a 5-axis solution to meet your exact specifications.
We work extensively with a variety of quality materials, including:

Our facility is temperature and dust controlled to create the most ideal environment for ultra-precision machining; assuring our multi-axis machining capabilities can reach their full potential. Serving industries including aerospace and aircraft, medical, defense, energy, and more; we’ve machined a diverse portfolio of products for our clients. Versatility, a reputation for achieving impossible precision, and dedicated customer care keeps our customers coming back to Owens for all of their CNC needs. Our sales professionals, customer service representatives, and engineers work tirelessly to deliver the best solutions for your business.

Below are some of the parts we’ve machined using 5-axis milling:

Part Application  Industry 
Housing, Aileron  Flap Control  Aerospace
Machined Reflector  Wing Lights  Aerospace
Support Assembly  Aerospace  Aircraft OEM
Mixer Head Insert  Spray Nozzle  Automotive
Blade, Cutter  Cutting Safety Cable  Defense
Load Sleeve Cable Clamp  Defense
Prism Base  Laser Focal Component  Energy Research
Impeller  Fluid Flow  Medical
Impeller, Polished  Experimental Heart Pump  Medical Research
Cylinder Block  Gas Flow Manifold  Natural Gas Industry
Ball Lock  Transmission Control  Oil & Gas
Bearing Housing  Shaft Coupling Device  Oil & Gas
Equalizing Flapper  Valve Cover  Oil & Gas
Flapper Mount  Valve Head  Oil & Gas
Inlet Cover  Pressure Flow Cover  Oil & Gas
Insert  Ball Bearing Flow  Oil & Gas
Radial Bearing Housing  Shaft Control Unit  Oil & Gas
Soft Seat  Well Head Seal  Oil & Gas
Soft Seat Retaining Ring  Well Head Seal Retainer  Oil & Gas
Optics Block  Laser Alignment Tool  Research and Development
Spiral Groove Bearing  Transmission  Research and Development
Valve Housing  Titan Rocket  Rocket Engine Component


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