Wire EDM Service

Electrical Discharge Machining Produces the Highest Precision Parts

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Our advanced machine shop utilizes a high tech dust and climate control system to create a clean room affect and the perfect environment for wire electrical discharge machining. This paired with state-of-the-art EDM machines allows us to achieve any tight tolerance and produce products with high dimensional accuracy. We continuously strive to improve and optimize our process, maximize customer convenience, and reduce cost by machining to a higher level of precision. Diligently following all design specifications, we make the highest quality end products for each and every one of our clients.

ISO Certified Wire EDM Machine Shop

Owens Industries is above the rest when it comes to advanced EDM services. We repeatedly deliver quality precision parts, no matter how intricate or detailed a piece you need. Wire EDM machines incorporate CNC controls, built-in sensing and intelligence, and are used to cut a wide variety of materials; including titanium, hastelloy, Inconel, and Kovar. We offer skilled services to match your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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