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CNC Machining Aerospace Components Better

Precision Aerospace Machining

When you’re getting quotes on precision aerospace machining of complex components, call Owens Industries to find out what our incredible machinists can do for you. ISO Certified, quality is guaranteed in every aspect of our machining processes. Industry leading CNC programmers and engineers paired with state-of-the-art machinery allows us to manufacturer aerospace components at the highest level of precision possible. We produce highly accurate results on a large scale with less bad parts per batch. We’ve machined numerous complex components for aerospace applications including: satellites, rockets, robotics, and more.

Aerospace Machine Shop Helps You Get Your Project off the Ground

When you’re building air and space crafts, there is simply no room for error. Our CNC engineers understand the importance of exact accuracies and design a machining process around the strict demands of your specific aerospace parts. Owens Industries offers multiple machining services to fit a wide variety of needs, including precision CNC milling, wire EDM machining, and lathe work. We’ve machined aerospace parts including:

Part Application Service
Battery Core Safety Equipment Swiss Screw Machine
Check Valve Brake Fluid Flow Control Precision Turning
Control Valve Housing Aircraft Brake 4-Axis Milling
Cylinder Assembly Flow Channel for Booster Rocket Turning with Ceramic Inserts
DM Cover Satellite Component Mill/Turn
Grid Clamp Satellite Component CNC Turn
Hinge, Convergent Flap Flap Control 3-Axis Milling
Housing, Aileron Flap Control 5-Axis Milling
Machined Reflector Wing Lights 5 Axis Profile Milling
Piston Engine Valve Conventional CNC Turning
Thruster Body Satellite Propulsion Precision EDM
Valve Housing Titan Rocket 5-Axis Machining
Valve Seat Air Flow Regulator Mill/Turn


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