CNC Turning

CNC TurningCNC Turning – CNC turning is a catch-all term for the various forms of CNC lathe work we perform. Depending on the job being done and the machine being used, turning could mean:

  • Pinch Turning – The process of using two independent tool turrets on a CNC lathe. Pinch turning allows for faster cuts, and can be used to perform rough turning and finish turning in the same pass.
  • Contour Turning – The process of turning a smooth continuous curve on the machine. Contour turning requires specialized bits, and an experienced technician to produce a perfect curve.
  • Follow Turning – Any turning process utilizing two independent tool turrets on the lathe. Pinch turning is a form of follow turning. Not all CNC shops can perform detailed follow turning.
  • Horizontal Turning – Any CNC lathe which rotates horizontally.
  • Vertical Turning – Any CNC lathe which rotates vertically.
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