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Wisconsin Machine Shop Achieving Impossible Tolerances on Complex Components

Get a firsthand look at Owens Industries’ facility, staff, and completed work by viewing the pictures below. Owens is an industry leader regularly exceeding the high accuracy demands of our clients and rising above our competitors by achieving tight tolerances “normal” machine shops are not capable of attaining. Our high success rate for meeting the specific needs of our clients is due to a talented and experienced team of machinists (many of them have been with us for 20+ years) dedicated to our business, clients, and ultra-precision results; some of the best CNC machines in the industry, and a facility designed to meet the temperature and dust control demands your complex components require. From problem parts to incredible complexity, you can count on Owens to deliver the high precision parts and components your assemblies need.

Owens Industries is a machine shop, since 1944, offering the best in CNC machining services, including but not limited to:

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CNC machining
CNC machining
Machined Borescope Housing
5 Axis Work
CNC Precision Machining for Automotive Parts
5 Axis WI
Robotic Parts
5 Axis Machine Shop WI
Aircraft Anti-Locking Brake Housing
5 Axis Machining
5 Axis Milling Capabilites United States
5 Axis Milling
Milwaukee WI Machine Shop
5 Axis Milwaukee
5 Axis
5 Axis
Precision Machined Jet Assembly
5 Axis Machine
5 Axis Machine Shop
5 Axis Machine Shop
4 Axis Precision Milled Component
4 Axis


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