Raleigh NC machining EDM

Raleigh NC machining EDM

Precision CNC Machining: The Magic Behind the Results

Behind all of our equipment and precision machining services is our dedicated and highly skilled staff, ensuring you get a part machined to perfection. They combine their experience and expertise with German and Swiss CNC machines for end products meeting your exact specifications and application needs. The our precision CNC facility, including the wire EDM department, are controlled; meaning dust, debris particles, and temperature are all maintained for advanced precision machining results.

Highly Reputable, Precision CNC Machinists

Our CNC machinist and programmers are detail oriented and dedicated to machining your part to perfection, often exceeding our clients’ expectations. They strive for the nth degree of perfection. Some might even call them crazy – since we have some machinists who will go as far as considering the effect of the lunar cycle on our advanced precision machining techniques before starting the actual process. It’s the only way to ensure multiple industries, such as aerospace, aircraft, defense and medical, get precise machining services. For the best CNC 5 axis machining, contact Owens Industries!


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