Wire Cut EDM

Wire Cut EDM ServicesQuality Machining for Complex Components with Tight Tolerances

Wire cut EDM is a very detailed process, and there’s no one better for the job than Owens Industries. Our advanced wire EDM machines use a thin wire to cut a material (like titanium, Inconel, or Kovar). The wire acts as an electrode, cutting the workpiece with a spark – when the wire approaches the workpiece and the distance becomes small enough, and the voltage great enough, the dielectric (deionized water) breaks down and produces a discharge of electricity (spark) between the wire and workpiece. This process produces incredibly accurate, high-quality cuts, even on micron sized parts. Cutting thin stock, detailed intricacies, and fine ribs can all be done easily with burr free results. Wire EDM is best suited for projects that have tight tolerances, material stress limitations, and quality finish demands.

Wire EDM Cutting Services

Owens Industries is an authority in the craft of Wire EDM cutting; running state-of-the-art EDM machines that are specifically suited for your industrial needs. Automatic wire feed technology means the wire is consistently rotated and never worn to produce repeatable accuracy on every cut. Our advanced process is clean, precise, and always uses a fresh cutting tool. Our facility is also climate controlled to assure the best machining environment for high precision end products.

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